Made to measure and health care products

In addition to the customised manufacture of orthopaedic insoles, it may also be necessary to custom manufacture other orthopaedic products such as bandages and braces, to best suit your needs. Please contact us directly for further information on our custom made range.


We also offer a wide range of additional health products to complement and support your therapy. Our product range spans from a hand exerciser that you can carry around in your pocket to an oversized exercise ball that you can use at home. For those customers who need to take things a bit easier you will also find what you need in our product portfolio; from a wide range of products to help maintain and use your orthopaedic aids to fully automatic blood pressure appliances.


Below is an extract of some of the products that can be custom manufactured:


  • Handmade insoles by our orthopaedic technicians using individual moulds
  • Individually customised and fitted bandages
  • Body corset garments made to measure
  • Customised compression stockings
  • Customised braces


Below is an extract of some of the health care product types from our product portfolio:


  • Fitness balls
  • Gymnastic balls
  • Flex-Bar
  • Black-Roll
  • Travel stockings
  • Cleaning materials for compression garments
  • Blood pressure device
  • Thermometer
  • Sitting cushion
  • Wedge cushion
  • Taping