Orthopaedic insoles

The manufacture of various types of customised orthopaedic insoles is another one of our core competencies. We provide a diverse range of miracle foot solutions. Even the classic foot insole with primarily a mechanical function is customised in several innovative designs. The exact planning and manufacture of the correct insole for you is our priority. Many factors play an important role in achieving the best possible result for you and these factors are considered for each individual patient in advance. For example, how much space is available in your shoes? How sensitive are your feet? To what extent do we want to influence your statics? Questions upon questions that lead to the only answer: the perfect insole for you!


Insoles are not just to help you in a theoretical sense, but need to be perfectly integrated into your daily routine. To ensure that the planning and manufacture of your customised insoles is successful, we personally check these upon fitting and are there for any queries beyond that.


Below is an extract of some of the insole types from our product portfolio:


  • Soft cushion insoles made from individual moulds
  • Plastic leather insoles with a complete soft cushioning
  • Cork leather insoles made from individual moulds
  • Sport insoles made from individual moulds
  • Kids insoles made from synthetic material and individual moulds