Practice equipment and supplies

Practice equipment and supplies is a new service area which blu medical is bringing soon to the Irish market. For your practice supplies, our goal is to offer you a clear concept for the purchase of the essential products your practice needs on a day to day basis. From our extensive product portfolio of practice supplies, you can choose a package suited to your needs with the ease of dealing with one competent partner. Let us advise you on the best solution for you at the best price!


With our new service area, practice equipment, our goal is to source the most modern and technologically advanced equipment on the market for you. Through our global network of world class manufacturers, we can meet your equipment needs at an unbeatable price.


Here are a few examples from our practice supplies product portfolio:


  • examination gloves
  • bandages
  • dressings
  • casts
  • hygiene products
  • accessories for surgery
  • disinfectant and cleaning solutions
  • syringes and accessories


Here are a few examples from our practice equipment product portfolio:


  • fetal dopplers
  • 24 hour blood pressure devices
  • sonography devices
  • TENS machines